What’s next for Leica?

After the leica Q2 James Bond 007 limited edition and the Leica M10R black paint announcements, here is an updated list of rumored/expected Leica cameras and lenses (see the previous lists here):

Leica M interchangeable lens camera with built-in EVF rumored for next year (Leica RM?)

A new cheap Leica M film camera is rumored for 2021 (October 20th?)

Leica CL2 camera is also rumored for 2021.

The new Leica M11 camera is expected in early 2022.

New Leica Q2 “Reporter” limited edition camera is rumored to be announced soon.

Rumored Leica lenses:

  • Leica M 35mm f/2.8 lens Heritage limited edition lens and maybe even a new 35mm Noctilux or similar
  • Leica Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH “Reporter” limited-edition lens
  • Leica APO-Summicron-SL 28mm f/2 ASPH lens.
  • New versions of the 50mm Simmilux, WATE and MATE lenses are also a possibility.
  • New APO and/or a new 135mm lens is also expected.

Leica L3 watch with a mechanical alarm complication (the first set of Leica watches from 2018 is still missing).

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