Ricoh GR iii Dust Protection - The Ultimate Cheap Hack

Ricoh GR iii dust protection for street photographers is an absolute must, and any seasoned GR iii owner will tell you so. I had my first speck of dust on the sensor within one week, and a year on my photos look like an inverted starry night.

When you buy a camera which costs upwards of $1000 you really don't want to suffer dust gremlins, so read on to find my ultimate cheap hack for Ricoh GR iii dust protection!

What is the Ricoh GR iii dust problem?

Whenever you turn on the Ricoh GR iii the lens will pop out which creates static electricity. This is an open invitation for any dust particles in the vacinity to attach themselves to the lens housing.

When the lens retracts (such as when you turn the Ricoh GR iii off), it will suck all that dust right back into the camera.

Ricoh GR iii Dust - Ricoh GR iii Dust Protection

Image source: Patrick Chan Cha, Facebook GR III/GR3 - The Ultimate Group

Apparently the Ricoh GR iii is less susceptible to dust than the GR ii, but in my experience it's still a very real and very costly risk. The last thing you'll be wanting to do with your Ricoh GR iii is send it back to Germany and wait weeks while they get the dust off the sensor.

So do you want to know the ultimate hack for Ricoh GR iii dust protection? Of course you do, and it will only dent your wallet as little as 35 bucks!

Ricoh GR iii Dust Protection

Ok, here it is folks, this is all you need for Ricoh GR iii dust protection:

Ricoh GR iii dust protection

What's that you may ask?

That's a simple attachment to your Ricoh GR iii which allows you to attach any 49mm filter, such as a UV filter, right onto your Ricoh GR iii. It's seriously the best way to protect against dust on the Ricoh GR iii hands down.

So what is it?

It's the official Ricoh GA-1 Lens Adapter for the Ricoh GR iii - the ultimate for dust protection (combined with any 49mm filter). 

Official Ricoh GA-1 Lens Adapter - Ricoh GR iii Dust Protection

Ok, so yes, it protrudes ever so slightly more than the lens, but it's a very worth addition to protect your Ricoh GR iii against dust.

"Oh, but that's over $70 and you said $35!" I hear you say...

Right then, if an official Ricoh lens adapter isn't your thing, because, like, you're willing to pay $1000+ for a camera but not $70 to protect it from dust, then there's a cheaper solution:

Here you go, my ultimate hack from Ricoh GR iii dust protection:

Haoge LAR-GR Lens - Ricoh GR iii dust protection

It's not quite as good as the official Ricoh GA-1 lens adapter, but for only half the price it does the job perfectly.

It even looks cool.

Disclaimer: You may need a slightly bigger pocket, but at least it doesn't have to be a dust-free pocket.

What if your Ricoh GR iii already has dust?

Your best avenue is return the Ricoh GR iii to base in Germany, but if you can't hack waiting so long between street photography ventures then you can also do it at home. The best guide I've found for disassembling the Ricoh GR for sensor cleaning is this one.

We hope this ultimate cheap hack for Ricoh GR iii Dust Protection keeps the dust fairies away from your Ricoh GR iii for many years to come!