Aug 27, 2021


Professional photography is a great way to capture lasting highlights from live music and performances - and for artists and venues it's a great way of promoting future events.  My equipment is ideal for capturing images in low-light conditions while the performance is underway - ensuring no distraction to either performers or the audience. 

I work with both artists to help them create a portfolio and library of marketing material and venue operators to create promotioal material for future events, 


With me as your event photographer,  you won't have stress about getting photos to remember the occasion, leaving you free to spend time with your friends and loved ones and enjoy yourself. Hiring me for your event - be it a birthday, engagement party or family reunion is money well spent, and probably not as expensive as you think!  

Not only will this guarantee you'll have a collection of awesome memories to keep from the event, but it's fun and interactive for your guests. 

Additional services I can provide for event bookings include photo backdrops (in a range of different colours) and fun photo props to make it as fun as possible! 


At Imaginarium, I believe it's possible to have outstanding photos of your wedding day, at a reasonable price with features and services that are flexible and can be tailored to suit your style and budget. 

I use my principles of event photography - capturing candid shots of you and your guests enjoying the special occasion, and combining it with the traditional photo shoots so you also get the specific images and style you want. I'll work with you to plan your photography requirements including the style of shoot, location suggestions and suggestions on how to personalise the service to create truly memorable mementos.


I work with, and have partnered with numerous community and NFP/NGO groups because I have the skills not only of a photographer, but those of a multi-disciplinary designer to make meaningful positive change through helping others. I also need to know I'm doing my bit to make the world a better place. I started my 'career' photographing community events and soon realised not only could I shoot photos that represented diversity and helped the public understand various social issues. Guides by a strong set of values to create positive social change allowed me to develop a style that stood out - I wanted to help, and to do this meant i needed to learn how. 

When you show genuine interest in someone and authenticity, something amazing happens - it's called emotion. Capturing emotion is what I do; I create content that draws people in and helps them understand the world around them. 

In addition to photography for community groups, I also provide social media, marketing and design skills to ensure your message is delivered in the right way, to the right audience how they need to hear it. I will also be starting a series of workshops soon aimed at providing people working within the community sector on how to develop their message to amplify their impact - so stay tuned!

Please contact me to discuss your ideas and if there are budget limitations - there's always a way to make things work!