Leica digest #86

By LR admin | Published: December 26, 2021

  → The new leica Q2 Reporter camera is now shipping – unboxing pictures from Rangefinder.

  → Topaz Labs released DeNoise AI version 3.4 with native Apple M1 silicon support, improved RAW file handling, and AI Engine performance improvements. → Topaz Labs also released Sharpen AI version 3.3.5 with new AI-powered auto-selection tools to help you mask and sharpen images faster and more precisely.

→ The latest ON1 Photo RAW Update 2022.1 is now available. The new version 2022.1 includes an enhanced Sky Swap AI, a unique re-editable Liquify Tool, Snapshots, new photo organizing features in Advanced Search and Smart Albums, and several more features and enhancements (see what’s new).

→ The latest Leica videos:

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