Flashback: Leica M10/M10-P Royal Selangor Pewter special limited edition camera from 2018

By LR admin | Published: September 21, 2021

leica Store Lisse posted a few pictures on their Facebook page of the little known Leica M10 Royal Selangor Pewter special limited edition camera (the black version is M10-P):

“A lot of Leica special editions change up the leather, give a different colour to the top- and bottom plates and/or feature a beautiful engraving. This “Royal Selangor Pewter” M10 has taken quite a different approach to making the camera special. The craftsmanship of both Royal Selangor and Leica combine into a beautifully unique package. Where you would normally find leather you will now find a beautiful hammertone silver finish. The finish actually still feels very soft to the hands like leather would. It comes with a thumb support and several soft release button which share the silver hammertone finish.”

More information is available here: