Street Photography as a Business

Aug 27, 2021

Photography is just one of my areas of expertise - I have a marketing degree from RMIT, plus almost ten years experience in the corporate sector in User Experience Design, Social Media and Online Community Management and Marketing roles. Unlike many photographers who focus solely on taking beautiful and artistic photos, I consider my role to provide you with an essential business services that aligns with your overall communication strategy, is excellent value for money and is flexible to accommodate your specific needs and image requirements.


Your website says a lot about your business. Nearly 80% of potential clients will check out your website before conducting business with you, so your site should be polished and ready to sell your services.

Your photography sends a message about the quality of your product or service, whether that’s your intention or not. With so many prospective buyers looking at your website to vet your firm, you want every component to communicate that you’re a reputable firm with the ability to deliver — this includes your website’s images.

Replacing or updating photography is an easy and fast fix to give your overall website a boost and make it work for you. We use a variety of techniques to ensure we deliver high-quality images that not only look fantastic, but translate your company's brand that resonates with your customers.

I use my background in User Experience to asses website images to critically analyse their content and how they will be interpreted by your customers during the editing process to make sure you select the most appropriate shots for your business. For more information click here


From the seriously professional - such as customer information sessions, product launches and  awards nights, through to the team-building days and end-of-year functions, you need a professional photographer there to get high-impact shots to capture the function. 


You've invested so much time and money into the months of planning leading up to your conference - and you need someone experienced there to capture all the key moments. 

I'll photograph all relevant branding, logos and signage, wide shots of the venue with and without delegates, keynote speakers in action on stage (and off stage where possible), audience reactions and participation and  also keep a lookout for shots that may be useful to you for advertising or PR purposes, annual reports, staff newsletters etc.

I love to receive direction from our clients as it ensures you get exactly what you require so feel free to compile a photography brief or shot list before the day.


Product photography is a branch of commercial photography which is about accurately but attractively representing a product. The principal application of product photography is in product catalogues and brochures, with a proportion of product images also being used in advertising.

Sometimes you'll want to photograph the product you're selling on it's own; away from other items that distract or draw attention away from the finer details. Other times it's better to create a staged photo shoot (situational scenario) around your item - particularly if your buyers need suggestions or prompts on how they would use it - for example a designer dress still looks lovely on a hanger, but it looks immensely more appealing when photographed on a model.

I'll work with you to determine the best photo options if you need some help; the images produced and style of production should align very closely to both your overall branding strategy and play to the target demographic that you're going after.​